PULPSTYLE® – this is US

Everest Group, on the market since 2005 Our path is more than 15 years of success supplying high quality medical equipment from the world's leading manufacturers.
Over the years, we have gained invaluable experience interacting with market leaders and their premium quality products, which meet both modern standards and the most demanding customer requirements.
Using accumulated knowledge and experience, and meeting the highest business standards, today we are entering the market with our own PULPSTYLE® products.
PULPSTYLE® is a full-fledged Russian enterprise. We employ top-level professionals and use only high-quality Russian-made wood pulp. All of this allows us to offer biodegradable, PULPSTYLE® eco-tableware at a reasonable price.

Why eco tableware?

When choosing where to focus our activities, we were guided by our principles and their alignment with global trends. The challenges of saving the environment is something that concerns everyone, including us.

Product advantages

Resistant to cuts
Microwave safe
Leak resistant
Freezer safe
Environmentally friendly
Resistant to
Our experience and health

Our experience and

Years of working with doctors and scientists in the medical industry, as well as with patients, has made it clear to us that proper nutrition is the basis of good health. And if the choice of products is always yours, then we have taken care of the dishes.
It is well known that when food comes into contact with plastic dishes, it can absorb vinyl chloride, bisphenol A, styrene and other substances that are released from plastic when it is heated or used for a long time. When they accumulate in the body they can cause toxic poisoning and systemic diseases.
Our offer of PULPSTYLE® eco-tableware, made from wood pulp, is how we take care of your health